Chaos At the Museum | Argentina

The ‘Chaos at the Museum’ conference took place from 17- 20th Nov, 2016 at Museo de le Ciudad, Buenos Aires.

The first day of the conference had practitioners from all over the world, talking and demonstrating the changing role of museums and ways they can infiltrate the urban fabric of the city. The next two days consisted understanding the inter-relationships between the museum and its context, taking part in 3 self- chosen workshops, to get introduced to tools, different design practices across the world are implementing to challenge the institution of museums/ exhibition design. All the groups were given different sites around the museum to re-think telling their stories to an unaware audience on the streets.

Working with different professionals, Geetanjali engaged in social research, to un-earth implicit narratives within the pharmacy, and understand relationship it shares with the citizens today. Realising the disconnect between the people in the nearby areas, about its historical relevance, and its deep-rooted connection with the museum of the city, Geetanjali and her team created a prototype for the street and the huge glass windows of the pharmacy, for the audience to become pharmacists for a day, and prescribe ‘Happiness’ to each other.

Images Source : Chaos at the Museum, BA website