Cross Pollinat/in Venice

Cross Pollinat/in Venice is part of Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories curated by Erika Tan which is a form of intervention, a sonic counterpart to the 57th Venice Biennale. Sonic Soundings arises from the practice in nautical or navigational charting where a sonic signal is released in anticipation of an echo is used as a metaphor to (re)map the Biennale through fluid encounters, borderless connections and archipelagic thinking.

Cross Pollinat/In Venice curated by Geetanjali Sayal in collaboration with Juhi Saklani and Anshul Kapoor is a unique pollination of ideas and backgrounds of three Indian individuals living in New Delhi and London, surpassing territorial and linguistic barriers to germinate in Venice. 

Live preview from St Marco Piazza Venice, 2017 in conjunction with the Venice Biennale :

Audio Track Vocals : Juhi Saklani

Soundtrack created and mixed by : Anshul Kapoor / Old Studio

Click here to listen the full track

It is a bi- lingual (mix of Hindi and English) audio walk which has taken its initial inspiration from Piazza San Marco, considering the existing scenario of its flooding every year, as it sits just above the sea level. The impact that flooding has on the everyday lives of the people in Venice, the restaurant workers, the small shop owners and citizens was pivotal in connecting it to similar situations in a place thousands of kilometres, across many territories away in India.

Top Photograph by : Marco Bertorello/AFP/Getty Images